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Sleeman to sell Dartmouth facility

Sapporo International‘s production at the Sleeman facilities is getting a little too large, and the Japan-based brewery plans to sell its Dartmouth, Nova Scotia facility and shift 200,000hL of production at its Guelph, Ontario facility to the U.S. as of June. The production capacity that will exit the Guelph plant is beer already thumbnailed for… Read More ›

Review: Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

Beer: Sleeman Honey Brown Lager Brewery: Sleeman Breweries Ltd. (Guelph, Ont.) Style: Honey Brown Lager Alcohol: 5.2% ABV What can you say about Sleeman? Originally founded in 1834 by John Sleeman before becoming completely inactive by 1955, Sleeman Brewery started up again as an independent brewery in 1988 by another John Sleeman, the great-great-grandson of… Read More ›

Worst beers?

As in my last article, I looked at Ratebeer’s “Best beers in Canada.” But again, my boring self decided to do some surfing and came across the worst beers. I’m not going to sully this site with that list, but you can access it from here:¬†Worst beers in the world. What’s even more embarrassing, is… Read More ›

Best beer in Canada?

So, being a beer drinker, I’m always on the lookout for good and new things to drink.¬†Looking on the Internet, I’ve often used Ratebeer.com to find out information and feelings on beer. While surfing, I came across this list: The best beer in Canada. Looking at this list, I see that most of these beers… Read More ›

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Ratebeer’s bottom 50 beers in the world — and the five Canadian brews to make the list

Ratebeer.com‘s “The Worst Beer In The World” list of the 50 beers you probably want to avoid at all cost is getting some attention in the press, and a few Canadian brews shamefully made it onto the list. Although American beers seem to make up the majority of the list (is it because of how… Read More ›