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Spring is here — and so are the new LCBO beer releases

The LCBO started rolling out its spring seasonal beers this week. As usual, the Ontario government liquor board has cast its net wide to bring in beers from around the Great White North and the world. This year’s seasonal release represents the return of a few favourites that have quickly sold out at LCBO locations,… Read More ›

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Review: Samuel Adams 2011 Utopias

Beer: Samuel Adams 2011 Utopias Brewery: Boston Beer Company (Boston, Massachusetts) Style: Barleywine Alcohol: 27% ABV If there’s a Holy Grail of American craft beer, then the biennial Samuel Adams Utopias barleywine might very well be it. Rare, pricey (in Ontario, the hard-to-get 710mL bottle fetches $114.95 at the LCBO, but Boston Beer Company posts… Read More ›

LCBO brings Sam Adams Utopias back to Ontario

The demand for Boston Beer Company‘s Sam Adams Utopias was so high that the LCBO, which brought 40 bottles of the pricey brew into Ontario last fall, sold the beer through a lottery system. Apparently demand was so high that Utopias will be making another visit to Ontario; but this time, the quantity will be… Read More ›

Review: Wachusett Green Monsta Ale

Beer: Wachusett Green Monsta Ale Brewery: Wachusett Brewing Company (Westminster, Massachusetts) Style: American Pale Ale Alcohol: 7.3% ABV When Canadian beer drinkers think Massachusetts brews, chances are the first one that comes to mind is Sam Adams, but the craft beer landscape of the USA is a mix of different types and sizes of breweries,… Read More ›

Review: Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

Beer: Samuel Adams Imperial Stout Brewery: Boston Beer Company (Boston, Massachusetts) Style: Russian Imperial Stout Alcohol: 9.2% ABV One style I’ve really come to love and appreciate over the last few years is Russian imperial stout. Or, actually, imperial stouts of any kind, but I really love the richness of Russian imperial stouts. Unfortunately, very… Read More ›

LCBO purchases 70 bottles of Utopias

It’s finally official: The LCBO has purchased 70 bottles of Samuel Adams Utopias and will be soon making them available in Ontario. There’s a catch, though. The 710mL bottles will not be found on LCBO shelves, but instead sales will only be conducted via telephone and Internet orders. Even then, it’s not first come, first… Read More ›

Sam Adams Utopias coming to Toronto

A rare treat is coming to Toronto, but its availability will be limited to 40 bottles, according to reports. The import of the rare Samuel Adams Utopias, a 27% ABV barrel-aged beer, will supposedly be available next month, but an LCBO spokesperson called the details in the reports “a bit premature.” According to reports, Utopias… Read More ›