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Waterloo Brewing wins gold medals from Monde Selection

The folks at Waterloo Brewing must be celebrating right now. The craft brewing division of Brick Brewing took home three gold medals from Monde Selection, the International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium. Waterloo Dark, Waterloo IPA and Waterloo Amber were all up to snuff when it came to Monde Selection’s quality criteria, and now… Read More ›

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Ontario craft brewers grant coming to an end

An Ontario grant that has pumped $8 million into the craft beer industry over the past four years is coming to an end, and the grant will not be renewed. The news of the program’s termination hit last week when Waterloo-based Brick Brewing issued a press release about the official end of the grant. The… Read More ›

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Ratebeer’s bottom 50 beers in the world — and the five Canadian brews to make the list

Ratebeer.com‘s “The Worst Beer In The World” list of the 50 beers you probably want to avoid at all cost is getting some attention in the press, and a few Canadian brews shamefully made it onto the list. Although American beers seem to make up the majority of the list (is it because of how… Read More ›

Red Baron Platinum Light from Brick Brewing only has 60 calories per bottle.

New Brick beer has 60 calories per bottle

A new beer from Waterloo, Ont.’s Brick Brewing contains calories in the range of dealcoholized beer. The new Red Baron Platinum Light, which will be available in Ontario at The Beer Store as of Nov. 1st, is being marketed as the lowest calorie beer made in Canada. Red Baron Platinum Light is a light beer… Read More ›