Beer In Canada provides news, views and reviews for Canadian beer lovers no matter what kind of beer they drink. From homebrewing to the largest breweries in Canada, Beer In Canada delivers coverage on the Canadian beer scene and the beer drinkers who consume the world’s favourite alcoholic beverage.

The site grew out of a series of YouTube videos shot, chopped and produced by Chris Talbot, a freelance writer, homebrewer and self-proclaimed beer geek. Originally a combination of beer and outdoors discussions and coverage under the name Fish & Beer, the outdoors element was abandoned in favour of a focus on beer reviews, commentary and good fun with other beer lovers. It was given a new name, and after 13 episodes, Beer In Canada expanded beyond YouTube to become its own website.

And that’s where we are now.


About The Team
Chris Talbot is the founder and editor of Beer In Canada, as well as the main writer, video host, videographer and … well, you get the picture. Chris keeps the site running on a daily basis, writes most of the content, and plans, shoots and edits the videos you’ll find on Beer In Canada. Armed with 15 years of professional writing and editing experience, Chris is passionate about good content and good beer.

Rawl Chan will tell you that his favourite beer is Labatt 50, but his tastes extend throughout the macro and micro worlds. He started drinking beer while in university and happily gives new beers a try before offering an opinion.

Sean Talbot is a newcomer to the world of beer, and what he’s discovered is that he loves wheat beers. Sean provides a fresh perspective to the Beer In Canada team.

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