Review: Rekorderlig Elderflower

Beer: Rekorderlig Elderflower
Brewery: Åbro Bryggeri (Sweden)
Style: Perry
Alcohol: 7% ABV

I’m taking a mild detour here away from the wide world of beer into the not-so-small nation of ciders — in particular, a perry that’s part of the Rekorderlig line. Made in Sweden, Rekorderlig Elderflower is made with pear (thus the perry label) and flavoured with elderflowers.

We’ll revisit ciders and perries at another point in the future, but for now, here’s what to expect from Rekorderlig Elderflower.

The perry came from the LCBO in a 500mL can. It pours a clear liquid with plenty of big bubbles. It’s fairly well-carbonated and looks like it could be Sprite or even club soda.

The aroma is fruity, full of berries and fairly sweet. In fact, it’s almost cloyingly sweet on the nose.

As expected from the nose, the taste is quite sweet. There’s a lot of berry fruit, presumably from the elderflower used to produce it, with a medium body. It’s heavily carbonated and even fairly acidic.

My sweet tooth more-or-less vanished when I was a teenager, so something like this has far too much sugar for my liking. There’s a nice amount of berry flavour in the cider, which would be much more pleasant if it wasn’t for the high level of sweetness.


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Review: Rekorderlig Elderflower, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. I love the Rekorderlig Elderflower Cider…..mmmmmmhhhhhhaaaawwwwhh. Yum”)

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  2. I purchased the Rekorderlig Wild Berries cider, only to read the label and see it is made from pear and apple wines.

    This is false advertising, it is not a cider and it has no wild berries.

    Also, it seems very sweet, how much sugar content.

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  3. So sad that this cider has been discontinued at the LCBO stores! Although it may not be like other ciders in Canada, that’s what I like about it. I used to enjoy it because it was the same as ciders that could be found in Denmark when I visited. It’s a clear, sweet, long summer afternoon refreshment.

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