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Beer In CanadaThings have been quiet around here lately. It’s certainly not for lack of news, though. The Canadian beer industry is bubbling over with news of new beers, new breweries and the various issues and challenges everyone — from brewers to beer drinkers — is currently facing.

But we’ve been, sadly, dead quiet. Sure, a post goes live once in awhile, but let’s face it; Beer In Canada has been almost completely absent lately.

I’ll be honest with you about why. I’ve been busy with other projects — and since I’m the only person posting here, that means that when my paying businesses ramp up, BiC feels the impact.

But there’s another reason, too.

There are so many other bloggers and news outlets that already do a great job either writing about the beers they try and the individual issues of their regions or do an excellent service providing the latest in new beer and brewery launches. Since most of those writers live in beer havens like Toronto or Vancouver, it’s difficult for yours truly to fill those same shoes and provide a value to you, the reader.

Canadian Beer News does a great job providing cross-country news coverage for beer consumers. And since the individual bloggers are much more tuned into their local beer scenes than I can ever be, considering my unique location, there’s little to no value I can add there.

So I’ve been rolling it around in my head what I want Beer In Canada to be; and I keep coming back to one thing that I know I’m good at. I’ve made my career as a business and trade industry journalist, and that’s an area in which I can provide value.

As the website and all of its attached social media outlets refocus, please be patient. The site will be back with a different take on the Canadian beer and brewing scene, skewing much more towards brewers, breweries and those making their living in the industry. But I’ll still allow myself to delve into homebrewing and the consumer realm at times.

Keep an eye out for new content soon.


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