Beer Briefs: Labatt strike ends in Newfoundland

Photo by Nevit. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Photo by Nevit. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Here’s some of the latest beer news from across the country.

Labatt strike comes to an end: Eleven months is a long time for a brewery strike. But that’s what has been going on at the Labatt brewery in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Until a few days ago, that is. The strike has finally come to an end, and the 45 employees should be back to work by the time you read this. The new agreement between Labatt and the union will expire in March 2020.

Wood Buffalo Brewing sets sights on whisky: Fort McMurray, Alberta-based Wood Buffalo Brewing is hoping to become the province’s first craft distillery. And in true Canadian fashion, the brewing company plans to begin making whisky. If the plan goes smoothly, expect to see Fort Mac-produced whisky on the shelves early this summer.

Will a two-four cost $10 more in Ontario corner stores?: A research paper from The Beer Store, which has a near monopoly on beer sales in Ontario, claims opening up beer sales to corner stores will have a dramatic effect on the price of beer. According to the paper, the average price of a two-four would increase by $10 should the provincial government gives corner stores the ability to sell beer. A potential reality or scare tactics to hold onto its monopoly? Sound off in the comments section below.

Toronto councillor aims for early morning Olympic beers: Canada is known for enjoying two things. Beer. And hockey. But with this year’s Winter Olympics taking place halfway around the globe, that means some of Team Canada’s games are happening before bars are legally allowed to open. Toronto councillor Mike Layton is hoping to change that. He plans to put forward a motion to allow bars in the city to open and start serving beer at 6:00 am during the final days of the Olympics.

The day craft came to Mexico: A Yahoo! Food article presents a side of Mexican beer most of us in the Great White North have never seen. Did you know Mexican beer lovers are embracing the craft beer revolution? Check out the story for details.

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