Worst beers?

Rawl Chan, Beer In Canada Contributor

As in my last article, I looked at Ratebeer’s “Best beers in Canada.” But again, my boring self decided to do some surfing and came across the worst beers.

I’m not going to sully this site with that list, but you can access it from here: Worst beers in the world.

What’s even more embarrassing, is that I recognize more of these beers than the top beers in Canada list. Sadly, a Canadian beer made it to the top 10 — Sleeman Clear. It made it to number six.

But for me, I have to admit, the worst beer I’ve ever had has to be Red Eye, but then again, mixing beer with anything seems wrong.

Seriously,folks, if 100 people go on a site and say a beer is bad, is it really bad? If you happen to like this “bad beer,” what does that say about you?

This is a site about beer, and hopefully you read this to get an idea of what’s out there. But truly, a beer is only as good as its drinker. If you enjoy Olde English, keep drinking. If you like the finest beer in the world, more power to you.

These lists are only just someone’s idea of what is good. But it is a good exercise to see what you consider the “best” and the “worst” beers. Having those extremes really help define your pallet. Be it from Olde English to a fine Belgian stout, go find your best and worst.

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  1. U r an idiot. Sleeman Clear is awesome.

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  2. Macro beer sucks, and Sleeman Clear tastes like fucking straw and corn. Terrible

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