Review: Nightmare On Mill Street Pumpkin Ale

Nightmare On Mill Street Pumpkin AleBeer: Nightmare On Mill Street Pumpkin Ale
Brewery: Mill Street Brewery (Toronto, Ontario)
Style: Spice/Vegetable Ale
Alcohol: 5% ABV

The summer is quickly vanishing, being replaced by fall colours, chilliness and, of course, flavours. And as the leaves start to turn from green to red and orange, I start to look forward to the annual pumpkin ales. And one of the first I got my hands on this year is Nightmare On Mill Street from Toronto’s Mill Street Brewery. Read on for some thoughts on the beer.

From a 355mL bottle, Nightmare On Mill Street pours a hazy copper/amber colour with a thin, off-white head that quickly dissipates. Big bubbles stream up the sides of the glass.

Pumpkin pie spices fill the nose — cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger … you name it. The spices are central to the beer’s aroma, dominating the malty sweetness and giving no evidence of hops.

This medium-bodied beer is pumpkin and spice forward, with caramel malts backing up the nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger flavours. There’s a hint of malty sweetness along with the caramel, but the spices dry the beer out in the finish. Although it’s listed as a wheat beer, there is very little in the way of wheat ale characteristics.

I’m a little biased when it comes to pumpkin beers. I love the style and look forward to trying old favourites and new entries to the category every fall. Nightmare On Mill Street is a decent pumpkin beer that has a nice combination of pumpkin, spice and malt. It’s perhaps a bit too subtle at times, but it’s one worth grabbing off the shelves and holding on to until a nice, crisp, autumn day.


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