Mondial de la biere celebrates 20 years

Mondial de la biere 2013 logoMondial de la biere, the annual celebration of beer held in Montreal, kicks off tomorrow. The five-day event is gearing up to celebrate 20 years of all things beer.

Running from May 29 to June 2, Mondial de la biere 2013 will feature more than 550 beers, meads, ciders and malt-based drinks, more than 120 breweries, more than 229 new beers that have never been showcased at the event before, and 17 beers specifically designed for the big milestone anniversary.

If this is something you want to attend, chances are you’ve already booked yourself in for the event and are just counting down the hours.

But seeing as this is an event I have unfortunately never attended, I’ll point you to A Year of Beer! for more information on how to survive Mondial and how to best enjoy yourself.

Have fun, everyone!

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