Ontario Brewing Awards launches homebrew competition

Homebrew in a swing-top bottleThe Ontario Brewing Awards are looking to give some recognition to homebrewers this year with the 1st Annual Homebrewer’s Award competition.

Sponsored by Baysville, Ontario-based Lake of Bays Brewing, the winner of the competition will get the chance to brew a full-scale commercial batch of their winning entry at Lake of Bays’ brewing facility. The pairing of amateur brewers with professional brewers in a microbrewery is a trend that’s been going on the last few years (and there’s a certain bit of pride the Canadian Amateur Brewers Association had a hand in starting this trend).

Unfortunately for those outside of Ontario, this homebrewing competition isn’t for you. The beer must be brewed in Ontario and fit into one of two styles — British pale ale or American IPA.

The entry fee is quite steep and exponentially higher than the average homebrewing competition. Still, if you’re willing to pony up the $75 fee and you have a potentially award-worthy homebrewed beer waiting to be recognized, this seems like the competition to enter. Unfortunately, there’s not much time. Deadline is next week on March 25, 2013.

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto on April 30.

For more details on entering the competition, visit the Ontario Brewing Awards website or contact Lake of Bays Brewing.

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  1. Hi there, will there be a competition this year (2014)

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  2. Past tense. There was a competition this year.

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