Beer writers team with pro brewers for second annual Barrel Bragging Rights

My own efforts at the inaugural Barrel Bragging Rights competition in 2011.

In Toronto, the third annual Toronto Beer Week is coming up, and with it, the second annual Barrel Bragging Rights competition.

Pairing Toronto area beer writers with professional breweries, Barrel Bragging Rights was the big kick-off event at last year’s Toronto Beer Week. And what an event it was! The place was absolutely packed. The Monk’s Table owner Adam Grant had to turn people away. Who knew the event would be so popular?

Michael Warner at A Year of Beer!, who also happens to be the brains behind the competition, announced this morning that the second annual Barrel Bragging Rights extravaganza will be taking place on September 14th, once again at The Monk’s Table. My new location prevents me from participating in this year’s competition or attending to see who takes home the coveted first prize, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see what happens (and wishing I had a way to join in).

For those of you in the Toronto area, make sure to mark it on your calendars now and show up early to join the line. The beers last year ran the gamut of styles (or in the case my entry with Cameron’s, not-in-style), and they were all well worth drinking. After smack-talkin’ Chris Grimley walked away with the trophy, I’m sure everyone will make sure to bring their A-game this year.

Participants for 2012 include:

The rules have changed slightly. It’s no longer a blind ballot of people’s choice votes, but instead the winner will be chosen by a three-person panel that includes beer writer Stephen Beaumont.

Things get going at 5:00 pm on the 14th. Good luck to all the writers and brewers.

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  1. Thanks Chris! We’ll try to get you involved in a Skype brewday next year.

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  2. I’ll just need to learn to time my visits to Toronto with beer events. I wonder if I could write it off as a business expense, then. 😉

    Good luck with Barrel Bragging Rights, Mike.

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  3. Ever wonder about these guys you read writing about beer? Books, newspapers, blogs; and all of them sound like they know what they are talking about. Now we can find out. We’ve gotten a dozen or so of Toronto’s beer writers to partner with brewers they admire, and each pair are going to brew a one-off beer. The beers will be served blind, out of The Monk’s Table’s new oak casks. Attendees will be asked to vote on their preferences to decide which team is best. We will have very limited quantities of each beer, and the event is first come first served, so do make sure you come early.

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