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The Friday Pint: Ontario’s liquor law changes will leave micro-brew fans out again(1)

March 20, 2015

For most of my life, I lived in Ontario — and for most of that time, I lived in the bedroom communities just east of Toronto. Of course, for all of that time, there were really only a couple of choices when it came to purchasing beer. Either I went to The Beer Store, where the selection was mostly… Read More ›

Beer In Canada will return after these messages

Things have been quiet around here lately. It’s certainly not for lack of news, though. The Canadian beer industry is bubbling over with news of new beers, new breweries and the various issues and challenges everyone — from brewers to beer drinkers — is currently facing. But we’ve been, sadly, dead quiet. Sure, a post… Read More ›

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Dude, where’s the beer event?

Coincidentally, I find myself in the Greater Toronto Area this week — just as Ontario Craft Beer Week is getting going and beer lovers all across the province are heading down to their local pubs and breweries for a variety of events. Or so goes the theory. The note I shot off via Twitter yesterday… Read More ›

Where has Beer In Canada been?

If you’ve been following Beer In Canada for awhile, you may have noticed there has been zero new content since the beginning of March. BiC has been an unfortunate victim simply due to lack of time as I have been focused on learning skills for a new business venture (no, it has nothing to do… Read More ›

Paddock Wood Barrel Full of Monkeys

Review: Barrel Full of Monkeys Imperial Stout

Beer: Barrel Full of Monkeys Imperial Stout Brewery: Paddock Wood Brewing (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) Style: Imperial Stout Alcohol: 10% ABV I remember the day I became a beer geek forever, and the beer that changed me was an imperial stout. So with that in mind, you can imagine how I look forward to finding delicious imperial… Read More ›

Red Racer IPA

Review: Red Racer IPA

Beer: Red Racer IPA Brewery: Central City Brewing (Surrey, British Columbia) Style: India Pale Ale Alcohol: 6.5% ABV I wouldn’t necessarily call it “legendary,” but Central City Brewing’s Red Racer IPA is one of those hoppy brews that beer geeks love to talk about. Even more, they love to drink it. But does it live… Read More ›

Nightmare On Mill Street Pumpkin Ale

Review: Nightmare On Mill Street Pumpkin Ale

Beer: Nightmare On Mill Street Pumpkin Ale Brewery: Mill Street Brewery (Toronto, Ontario) Style: Spice/Vegetable Ale Alcohol: 5% ABV The summer is quickly vanishing, being replaced by fall colours, chilliness and, of course, flavours. And as the leaves start to turn from green to red and orange, I start to look forward to the annual… Read More ›

When being clever crosses a line

Breweries can get pretty creative when naming their beers, and many of them run a fine line between clever and trademark or copyright infringement. And now it looks like one brewery south of the border has run into legal problems because of what seemed like a clever name for an imperial IPA. New Orleans-based NOLA… Read More ›

Ephemere Cherry

Review: Éphémère Cerise

Beer: Éphémère Cerise Brewery: Unibroue (Chambly, Quebec) Style: Fruit Ale Alcohol: 5.5% ABV Unibroue followed up on its Éphémère line of beers this summer with a cherry version of the brew. Available in 750mL bottles, the Chambly-brewed beer made its rounds around Quebec and into Ontario. Fruit beers are incredibly popular in the summer, and… Read More ›

Review: Heatseeker Coconut Curry

Beer: Heatseeker Coconut Curry Brewery: Alley Kat Brewing (Edmonton, Alberta) Style: Porter Alcohol: 6.1% ABV There are brewers who stick to identified styles. There are those who push the boundaries of those styles. And then there are those that are so wacky you wonder what they’ve been smoking. And it’s in that last category that… Read More ›