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PremiumNearBeer taps into non-alcoholic beer market(2)

February 10, 2014

Ted Fleming is taking a lesson from the European beer market. As the founder of PremiumNearBeer.com, Fleming is building a business from the ground up to serve near beer drinkers all over the country. As Fleming explained to Beer In Canada, he is a beer lover who was diagnosed in 2005 with a chronic illness… Read More ›

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Gift guide: 5 books for the beer geek in your life

It’s only nine days until Christmas, and you’re still searching for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life? Sure, you can take the easy way out and hit the local beer or liquor store, searching — possibly in vain — for a gift set of an interesting brew he or she has… Read More ›

Beer importers: The uniquely Canadian business

Beer importers play an important role in the Canadian beer market because, without them, acquiring interesting beers from other provinces, territories and other countries would be impossible. The importing of beer is a uniquely Canadian business. Although importers exist elsewhere in the world, Canada has made them a necessary part of the distribution system. The… Read More ›

Gluten-free beer market grows, expands

Whether it’s because of an intolerance to gluten or a choice to follow a gluten-free diet, a small percentage of beer lovers are turning to gluten-free beers, and such beers are starting to show up more often in beer and liquor stores. Canadian breweries are taking up the challenge to brew good-tasting, gluten-free beers, but… Read More ›